Hong Kong: Police Shoot Student Protester at Close Range

Hong Kong: Police Shoot Student Protester at Close Range

The university said it would again suspend classes on Tuesday.

Most of Hong Kong's major universities announced they were suspending classes on Monday amid widespread protests and violence.

Masked protesters continued to try to block other intersections in the area, and police responded with pepper spray, hitting some bystanders as well.

The protester who was shot, a 21 year old student at the Institute of Vocational Educational, was then seen on the livestream in a puddle of blood, body limp with blood draining from his face, his eyes wide open. The officer draws his gun and points it at him at close range and grabs him round the neck. The pistol was sacked at the approaching protester's torso.

Other social media videos show investigators visiting the site of the shooting. The civilians made no attempt to touch the officer's weapon until he leveled it at the torso of the man he shot.

"The live rounds fired by police are clear evidence of reckless use of force", Amnesty International Hong Kong said in a statement.

RTHK reported that the video operator began crying when he realised what had happened. A police spokesperson said the officer had been attacked with a hammer. They also denied "totally false and malicious" allegations that frontline officers were given permission to "recklessly" employ their firearms against demonstrators. "Police have strict guidelines and orders regarding the use of firearms".

In Hong Kong, two people are in critical condition as anti-government protests escalated today.

"The officer has been suspended from all front-line duties instantly and has taken leave instantly", the spokesperson said, adding that the case is under investigation.

To many, the police seem to be deploying tougher tactics while rounding up radical demonstrators as the former British enclave hurtles into its 24th straight week of protests and clashes since June.

Rioters committed organized destructive acts, assaulted police officers and blocked traffic in various districts of Hong Kong, the statement said. "These are not policing measures - these are officers out of control with a mindset of retaliation".

On Sunday, police fired tear gas and protesters vandalized stores at shopping malls in anti-government demonstrations across Hong Kong.

Carrie Lam spoke to reporters Monday during a day of spiraling violence that included the shooting by police of an unarmed protester and the setting on fire of a man during an argument over national identity.

It is five months since over 1 million Hong Kong people took to the streets demanding a proposed extradition bill was scrapped. Police said he was in critical condition.

Violence spread across Hong Kong on Monday, as scenes resembling urban warfare gripped the city at the start of its 23rd week of political unrest.

The shooting spawned calls for a flash mob at noon in Central, where protesters blocked roads in one of Hong Kong's premier shopping districts.

The panel saw "a shortfall" in the powers of the Independent Police Complaints Council, according to a statement posted on the Twitter account of panel member Clifford Stott, a dean for research at Keele University in England. Students threw petrol bombs and broke windows.

The city has been rocked by the death Friday of the university student who fell from a parking garage when police fired tear gas at protesters. The incident was captured via a live stream of the protests.

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