Johnson unveils manifesto for Brexit Britain

Johnson unveils manifesto for Brexit Britain

Opinion polls show Johnson's Conservative Party commands a sizeable lead over the Labour Party, although large numbers of undecided voters mean the outcome is not certain.

A platform launch is often used to introduce a number of new promises and programs, but Johnson chose instead to hone his message, reiterating his party's Brexit stance.

The British leader said the country's third election in four-and-a-half years was "the most critical in modern memory" and that the British public had the opportunity to "get Brexit done" to allow the country to move on with other priorities.

Describing the manifesto as moderate, compared to the main opposition Labour Party plans for a massive spending spree, Johnson said 50,000 new nurses and 20,000 more police will be hired.

"As families sit down to carve up their turkeys this Christmas, I want them to enjoy their festive season free from the seemingly unending Brexit box-set drama", Johnson said in a statement ahead of the launch - but Labour have warned his plan entails years of further trade negotiations with the European Union and the United States.

On the environment, it promises a ban on exporting plastic waste to non-OECD countries and the creation of an Office for Environmental Protection to implement carbon neutrality by 2050.

Johnson is trying to keep the focus on Brexit policy, while Corbyn's Labour hopes people will look at a broader range of issues, including funding of the National Health Service and restoration of cuts in public services.

But Labour spokesman Andrew Gwynne said Johnson's plans were "pathetic".

Despite the poll lead, Johnson has his weak spots, especially given the years of austerity imposed by Conservative governments since 2010. "We will get Brexit done in January and unleash the potential of our whole country", said Johnson.

With less than three weeks before Britain heads to the polls on December 12, the governing Conservatives and opposition Labour Party are trying to tempt voters with different visions of the country's future, but both pledging to spend more.

Hospital auto parking charges in England would be axed for certain patients and National Health Service staff.

The prime minister for the most part stayed on familiar ground, blaming the outgoing Parliament for the failure to make Brexit happen by the last deadline at the end of October.

The PM added: "We will get Brexit done and we will end the acrominoy and the chaos, whereas [Labour] want to rip up our deal and negotiate a new one".

The prime minister says that will change if his party wins a majority, because each Conservative candidates has agreed to back the deal.

Britain's exit from the bloc has, once again, been delayed until January 31 following several failed parliamentary votes which forced Johnson to call the new poll more than two years earlier.

All 650 seats in the House of Commons are up for grabs.

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