Kudlow: Warren's Health Plan Would Prove 'Catastrophic'

Kudlow: Warren's Health Plan Would Prove 'Catastrophic'

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren says she's working on a plan that will detail how to pay for her Medicare For All proposal.

Her plan also calls for providing a "pathway to citizenship" for people in the country illegally, and increasing legal US immigration, which she says will result in $400 billion in new tax revenue.

Medicare for All would replace private health insurance, including employer-sponsored plans, with full government-sponsored coverage, and individuals would no longer have to pay premiums, deductibles, co-pays or similar out-of-pocket costs. Her chief rival on the party's left, Sen.

When the top 1% already pays the lion's share of income taxes while the bottom half pays roughly nothing beyond payroll taxes, what exactly does "fair share" mean? "If they are unwilling to do that, concede that their half-measures will leave millions behind".

Warren on Friday released the results of her campaign's numbers crunching on Medicare for All, which does not raise taxes on the middle class through an increase in income tax, but does include an nearly $9 trillion tax on employers.

In Warren's "Medicare for All" plan, she claims the health care debate is not about whether Americans should pay more or less, it's about who should pay.

They've also highlighted how Sen.

At the fourth Democratic debate earlier this month, the senator refused to say whether she'd need to raise taxes on middle-class Americans to pay for Medicare for All. An online calculator launched by Warren's campaign on Friday showed that an average family of four with employer-provided insurance would save $12,378 per year under her Medicare for All proposal.

She has faced criticism over lack of detail about her plan.

Sanders has also ramped up his attacks on Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden who has said Sanders' Medicare for All plan is not affordable.

Warren's direct outreach was a sign of her quiet efforts to woo party insiders and try to quell lingering concerns about her candidacy among the party's establishment as the MA progressive has become a top contender for the Democratic nomination to take on Republican President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election.

Biden's campaign questioned Warren's calculations, calling them "double talk" and asserting that middle class taxes would rise despite her vow.

Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse released a two-sentence statement in response to the plan: "Hahaha", Sasse said.

"Voters are sick and exhausted of politicians promising them things that they know they can't deliver", said Mr. Bennet, Colorado Democrat.

Being "realistic" isn't necessarily the goal of Ms Warren's proposal or even the central point of her plan-heavy campaign, however. Ben Sasse saying it relied on "bonkers" math.

"Hahaha. This make-believe math is bonkers".

But the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a liberal group backing Ms. Warren's candidacy, claimed vindication and used the proposal to urge its supporters to donate to her campaign. Republicans were wrong. Big Insurance was wrong.

Sanders said he has done more than 30 rallies in the state, has about 6,000 volunteers and "we take nothing for granted".

"She is just out on her plan for paying for Medicare-for-all, capping her press release with the ultimate clapback to her critics in a tweet confirming, 'my plan won't raise taxes one penny on middle-class families", MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson said to kick off a segment. The proposals may also indirectly impact middle-class workers through tax incidence.

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