Microsoft's new Office app for mobile combines Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Microsoft's new Office app for mobile combines Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Microsoft's new Office mobile app combines all its products, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint and brings them all under a single app.

However, the launch which ended up hogging the limelight was the new Microsoft Office mobile app.

The individual Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps have been quite popular on both iOS and Android.

"The new Office app uses the unique advantages of mobile devices to make content creation easier", said Microsoft. For instance, a photo of a text documents can be quickly transformed into an editable Word file, while photographs of tables can be turned into Excel spreadsheets. Here is all you need to go. For now, you can sign-up for the public preview on Android here, and for iOS users, the public preview is already full because of the limit Apple puts on TestFlight programs. Plus you can creative automatically enhanced digital images of whiteboards and documents with Office Lens features integrated into the app. Microsoft also added a new Actions Pane that helps you accomplish numerous mobile tasks you need to do all from one place.

But when it comes to Smartphones, we don't really have much of these All in One Document Managing apps. So it is offering a new solution that demonstrates what Office would like like "if first built for mobile devices". The separate Outlook email app remains. On the opening day of the conference, Microsoft announced updates that redefined mobile connectivity and changed the way we manage our documents and data for the better.

You can log in to your Microsoft account which will enable syncing as well.

It could also be a confusing setup to some more traditional Office users, as everything, including all Office files and functionality, is lumped together.

As well as, the app also lets you just take notes, type of like you would in Google Retain.

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