Mountain Christmas Tree growers prepare for huge crowds for "Green Friday"

Mountain Christmas Tree growers prepare for huge crowds for

When choosing your 2019 Christmas tree what is the environmentally correct choice?

Vicar of Halifax, The Rev Canon Hilary Barber said: "Our Christmas Tree Festival has literally grown year on year, and is a signal that the Minster is beginning its preparations for Christmas".

Babb says they grow over a dozen different types of Christmas trees and if it will grow in Arkansas, he has it.

The Christmas tree market saw a large decline in 2008 when the country was deep in recession. It shows that people are making the transition back to real trees. In 2008 and 2009, tree farmers planted less because they had less.

"We have really good products in Canada, we play a very active role on the global stage and it takes us 10 years to fulfill a cycle of trees".

Grobe's Nursery and Garden Centre is encouraging customers to get their trees as soon as possible.

Ten years ago, Christmas tree sales were way down so growers did not cut as many trees and clear space to plant new ones. He says there is always a flow of traffic leaving with a tree after Thanksgiving.

Keen also explained that many municipalities will collect Christmas trees after the season, decompose them and add them into trails and paths in your community. "In Canada, if you didn't have your orders in early, you won't be getting good quality trees this year", said Atter.

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