Sam Hunt Arrested for Alleged DUI in East Nashville

Sam Hunt Arrested for Alleged DUI in East Nashville

"Once the shutdown procedure was triggered and contact was established, there was an obvious smell corresponding to the defendant's alcoholic drink, as well as to the bloodshot and watery eyes", says the affidavit.

According to MNPD reports, Two empty beers were found in the vehicle next to the driver. He was officially arrested and charged with driving under the influence and having an open container. Hunt had "difficulty retrieving his ID and attempted to give a credit card and passport instead", the report said. Police also claim that Hunt admitted he had been drinking alcohol "recently". Officers located the vehicle going the wrong way when they responded to the specific area where he was also reportedly swerving in and out of the lane and a traffic stop was initiated. Hunt, according to police, showed "numerous signs of impairment on all tests conducted". News 2 has requested a copy of the footage.

The singer then shared an update on Twitter, but had to correct it after originally writing "Thursday".

Hunt was booked at Metro jail at about 6:30AM, the television station reports. His blood-alcohol level was.173, according to the arrest warrant.

Sam rose to fame in 2015 within the country tune scene and grew to change into one amongst their brightest stars within the years to return with hits adore "Catch Your Time" and "Build You Omit Me".

Sam Hunt was born in Georgia but his musical career originated in Nashville as early as 2008.

Hunt has received an American Music Award, a CMT Music Award, and a number of nominations for Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Awards for his work.

In October 2019, Hunt released Kinfolks, his first radio single in over a year.

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