Selena Gomez is pissed that Bella Hadid deleted her comment

Selena Gomez is pissed that Bella Hadid deleted her comment

After Selena Gomez left a sweet message on Bella Hadid's Instagram post, the model mysteriously deleted the image from her page. Why would Hadid take down a perfectly good photo of herself only oh, so soon after Sel commented?

Not too long after, Selena Gomez joined the huge number of people who took to the comment section to gush over Bella. Are we overthinking it here? "Btw Ms Hadid deleted the post". In a screenshot pictured.

Selena is trying her best to be friendly with both Bella *and* The Weeknd.

Moments ago, Selena saw a headline about the controversy on Instagram and is writing a statement, clarifying everything.

Selena Gomez attends ACLU SoCal's Annual Bill of Rights, Bella Hadid attends Vogue Fashion Festival Photocall At Hotel Potocki. Hadid and The Weeknd dated again in 2018; they reportedly broke up at the end of this summer. While many fans are applauding Selena's attempts in growing and showing her support for Bella, it doesn't exactly mean the model is obligated to being friends with her.

The speculation of a rift between the pair began when Selena started dating singer The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, shortly after he split up with Bella.

Bella had reacted by unfollowing Selena back in 2017 and was unfollowed back by her as well as The Weeknd a few months later. As for Bella and Selena's relationship, well, it seems possible that they still don't get along... Now, obviously that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Selena has now responded to the Bella drama on Instagram.

Whatever the reason, Selena's fans are incredibly suspicious. A Gomez fan account then resurfaced the since-deleted pic and defended the artist's comment. She then commented: "That sucks".

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