Thanksgiving is becoming one of the most popular days to shop online

Thanksgiving is becoming one of the most popular days to shop online

Adobe Analytics predicts a loss of $1 billion in online revenue from this shopping season which is six fewer days than a year ago.

Even though Black Friday 2019 officially starts this coming Friday, November 29, many retailers have got a jump-start on the sales this year. So far, $470 million in goods have been sold online, according to Adobe, with more than a third of those sales coming from mobile devices. was experiencing "intermittent slow load and transaction times" starting late in the day on Wednesday, according to website performance monitor Catchpoint. Stores kept opening earlier, cutting into Thanksgiving dinner.

Costco is now flagging "longer than normal response time" on its website.

Objective: Open from 5 1 p.m. Thanksgiving. There, it's the name the city's police department gave since it typically brought major traffic and crowded sidewalks to the city as holiday shoppers hit the stores.

Businesses are already rolling out Black Friday deals because the countdown to Christmas this year is several days shorter than last. He said based on checks at Macy's, Dillard's and Belks, accessories like shoes and handbags drew the most attention. But make sure your account is logged in on the shopping site where you want to buy the items. "Black Friday before too long is gonna start in October".

The first "Black Friday" was used in reference to the stock market crash of 1869 during the Ulysses Grant presidency, but that has nothing to do with today's day after Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.

All is not lost for retailers anticipating big sales continuing to Christmas, however. "And what's been happening for a few decades now is that retailers are very anxious about when they get the customer into their store for this huge seasonal buying season".

In total, consumers are forecast to spend a total of $143.7 billion online, up 14.1 from a year ago, throughout the entire holiday season, the shortest since 2013 because Thanksgiving fell on the fourth Thursday in November, the last possible date it could be. Other stores are closed all Thanksgiving Day and will open as usual on Friday.

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