Torture reports of United Kingdom consulate worker denied

Torture reports of United Kingdom consulate worker denied

China's ruling Communist Party's newspaper published surveillance videos Thursday which it said prove the guilt and voluntary confession of a former United Kingdom consulate employee in Hong Kong who was detained for 15 days on a charge of soliciting prostitution.

Geng did not address Cheng's allegations directly, but cited a statement by Shenzhen police from August saying his lawful rights had been protected and that he had "admitted his offense completely", an apparent reference to a confession of soliciting prostitution that Cheng says was coerced.

The U.K.'s foreign minister Dominic Raab summoned the Chinese ambassador in London to demand Beijing investigate Cheng's treatment.

Simon Cheng, whose job was promoting Chinese investment in Scotland, said in an online statement and media interviews that he was hooded, beaten, deprived of sleep and chained to an X-shaped frame by plainclothes and uniformed agents as they sought information on activists involved in the protests and the role they believed Britain played in the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang, at a daily press conference on November 20, claimed that the police "guaranteed all his lawful rights" when Cheng was detained.

Cheng was traveling to Shenzhen city on August 8 when he was arrested by Chinese authorities.

On Aug. 21, China's foreign ministry confirmed that he was being held under 15-day administrative detention in Shenzhen on suspicion of violating China's Public Security Administration Punishment Law, which renders punishment for those who "disturb public order" or "endanger public safety".

Cheng would later explain in his Facebook post that he was told he would "face a less hard treatment" if he accepted the prostitution charge.

Cheng's arrest came during widespread protests in Hong Kong over a bill that would allow extradition to mainland China.

In his account on Facebook, Mr Cheng wrote that he had been asked about whether Britain was promoting pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, and his own involvement in them.

A report with the videos said "From the information provided by Luohu police, this was an ordinary case of patronising prostitution and this was supported by clear facts and conclusive evidence", the report said.

He added in the statement that he had "got a massage for relaxation after work hours". "It felt extremely painful", he said.

He claimed his interrogators accused him of being a British spy, a mastermind of the protests, and a "British proxy" to incite the unrest.

Simon Cheng, who is a Hong Kong citizen and worked for the United Kingdom government for nearly two years, was detained for 15 days.

Cheng, who has said he was asked to resign from the consulate, could not be immediately reached for comment on the video. "I have no choice but to give a confession".

The Foreign Office said it was working to support Mr Cheng and his fiancee which would include bringing them to the UK.

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