US State Department releases records related to Ukraine dealings

US State Department releases records related to Ukraine dealings

They show Mr Pompeo talked with Mr Giuliani on March 26 and 29.

Emails in the information dump also tie Trump-then top assistant Madeleine Westerhaut to Pompeo and Giuliani's communications.

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced Friday night that he is filing a lawsuit against CNN over a report that they published the same evening that alleged an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani was willing to testify to Congress that Nunes met with a former Ukrainian prosecutor previous year to discuss digging up dirt on former Vice President and current Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

An ethics group has published almost 100 pages of documents obtained from the State Department that it says clearly detail contacts between President Donald Trump's personal lawyer and the USA secretary of state at a key point in the Ukraine affair.

Westerhout then asked the State Department how to get Giuliani and Pompeo in touch.

Last week, former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch told House impeachment investigators she felt "kneecapped" by a "smear campaign" Giuliani led against her.

Pompeo gave the documents to a subordinate, who provided them to the legal counsel at the State Department, the source said. She eventually sent the phone number to Giuliani's assistant after the State Department official responded.

In the interview summary, Shokin claims he was removed from his position under pressure from then-Vice President Biden, after being warned by USA diplomats to break off investigations into Burisma, the gas company where Biden's son Hunter sat on the board. During his hearing Wednesday, the ambassador reneged in his original testimony and, instead, affirmed that there was an explicit trade of USA military aid to Ukraine tied in exchange for political favors.

These conversations occurred around the same time Yovanovitch was called back to Washington in early April before she was eventually fired in May.

Appearing on "America's News GQ" Saturday morning, Giuliani said that despite widespread reports of his impending legal peril, he was not the least bit anxious about the prospect of being indicted. She was withdrawn from her post in Ukraine in May.

Friday's statement from American Oversight also tied the documents to what they called Giuliani's "smear campaign" against the ambassador.

"We can see why Mike Pompeo has refused to release this information to Congress", said American Oversight Executive Director Austin Evers. "It reveals a clear paper trail from Rudy Giuliani to the Oval Office to Secretary Pompeo to facilitate Giuliani's smear campaign against a US ambassador", the statement said.

Parnas, who worked with President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to push accusations of Democratic corruption in Ukraine, reportedly heard directly from Shokin that the prosecutor met with Nunes.

Fiona Hill, a former member of Trump's National Security Council, testified Thursday that Nunes' claim of Ukraine election meddling is a "harmful" fiction.

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