Warren mocks billionaires Bezos-Bloomberg US election talk

Warren mocks billionaires Bezos-Bloomberg US election talk

Bloomberg filed paperwork to enter the Democratic primary in Alabama this week, a major indicator that he may enter the 2020 presidential race.

"Bloomberg told Bezos no at the time, according to a person briefed on the phone conversation", said the report.

U.S. presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has criticised Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg after reports surfaced that Bezos called the billionaire businessman to launch a 2020 presidential bid. In a question-and-answer session with Warren at a town hall, a voter in Vinton who said she had Type 1 diabetes told Warren she was anxious about getting continuity of care in the transition period as Medicare for All took full effect.

Recode noted that Bezos has largely avoided electoral politics, and it is not clear whether he would actively support Bloomberg's candidacy. Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson said the former mayor is anxious that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates is "not well-positioned" to defeat Trump. However, the paper quoted an advisor who indicated that Bloomberg has yet to make an official decision.

Warren added that she also supports decriminalizing illegal border crossings to prevent the prosecution of people who up to this point have been "treated as criminals simply for having crossed the border". Bernie Sanders, the two most left-leaning candidates in the race.

Sanders stated on his website that his tax plan would apply to "the wealthiest 180,000 households in America", in which an 8 percent tax will be imposed on wealth over $10 billion, lowering incrementally to a 1 percent tax on wealth equalling $32 million for a married couple.

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