WWE 2K Facebook page hacked with AEW logos

WWE 2K Facebook page hacked with AEW logos

The folks who run the WWE 2K video game Facebook page have a problem on their hands.

Video game industry employees having their social media accounts hacked is nothing new - only this week we reported about some Federation Internationale de Football Association staff members suffering the same fate - but I've never seen something on this scale before.

As of this writing, the Facebook page is still being controlled by the hacker and not 2K Sport. "We condemn these posts and apologize to everyone offended by the content". The hacker changed the profile photo to an AEW logo and has been posting numerous messages and photos. For all of 2K's accounts to have been vulnerable at once, from Facebook to Twitter, seems insane.

Hackers posted several messages like, "WWE is fake", and other unsavoury comments about Triple H, Randy Orton, Nikki Bella and more.

"There's an employee out here refreshing and removing/updating the pic every time and he can't do anything to stop it, let that sink in ladies and gentlemen", the post from Nublom read.

2K has since gained back control of its various social media accounts.

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