Amazon Braket takes on Microsoft’s quantum computing efforts

Amazon Braket takes on Microsoft’s quantum computing efforts

Called Braket after the bra-ket notation for quantum states, the service provides access to hardware form Rigetti, IonQ and D-Wave. "You can build and test your circuits in a simulated environment and then run them on an actual quantum computer".

Braket is accessible through a notebook-style interface.

AWS re:Invent is a conference hosted by Amazon Web Services to provide learning opportunities to the global cloud computing community.

The components used in, known as Quantum bits or popularly Qubits, are used by researchers or developers to study the data and frame optimal solutions for any given problem. David Tirrell, the Ross McCollum-William H. Corcoran professor of chemistry and chemical engineering, provost, said the partnership will help address the fundamental challenges that must be overcome if quantum computing is to reach its full potential. With our Amazon Braket service and Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, we're making it easier for customers to gain experience using quantum computers and to work with experts from AWS and our partners to figure out how they can benefit from the technology. This service is safeguarded with high-level security & encryption baked at each level, as per AWS. Amazon's s2n - its implementation of the TLS/SSL protocol - includes two different key exchange mechanisms that are quantum-resistant.

As well as Braket, Amazon has announced its AWS Center for Computing next to the Caltech campus. "We want to build a solid foundation that is firmly rooted in reality, and to work with you to move into a quantum-powered future", Barr wrote in the blog post.

The online merchant is not building its own quantum computer, though.

However, IBM has disputed that claim. As a result, they're a ideal market for cloud providers to capitalize on, and early offerings like this will help Amazon and Microsoft both gauge demand over time and build out their infrastructure. It's a time when the race to dominate the quantum computing field is hotly contested. In 2017, AWS collaborated with VMware to introduce VMware Cloud on AWS, giving companies who are virtualized on VMware (which is the vast majority of enterprises) the ability to use the same on-premises VMware tools that they had been using for years to manage their infrastructure on AWS.

This announcement marks another step in Vodafone Business' multi-cloud strategy to partner with world-leading technology providers to help customers of all sizes succeed in a digital world. "It turns out this is hard to do, and that's the reason why existing options for on-premises solutions haven't gotten much traction today", said Matt Garman, Vice President, Compute Services, at AWS.

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