Biden Fat Shames Iowa Voter Who Says Hunter's Ukraine Work Is Disqualifying

Biden Fat Shames Iowa Voter Who Says Hunter's Ukraine Work Is Disqualifying

Trudeau said he does not believe the video will affect his relationship with the president and said they had a good meeting.

"The world is laughing", reads the text over that clip and others of Trump's trips overseas.

Biden's campaign also mocked Trump's repeated insistence that the USA requires a president who isn't a "laughing stock", ending the ad with a graphic that read, "We need a leader the world respects".

"At this level, I don't think I've ever seen quite the same sort of thing".

On a day when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden sought to fortify his foreign policy credentials in his quest to take on Donald Trump next year, he mixed it up with an Iowa voter over his son's alleged role in the Ukraine scandal that has been dogging the president. Hunter Biden was given a board position on Burisma, an energy company, despite have zero experience in this field.

"Joe will defeat Donald Trump next November", Kerry continued.

"You said I set up my son to work at an oil company", Biden yelled back. The Biden marketing campaign advert appeared to maneuver up that chortle monitor so it performed proper after Trump's boast about his document.

"I think Macron is rightly trying to make North Atlantic Treaty Organisation focus on what its goal is, what it's meant to be doing, what it should be aiming for", she said. "He didn't have the guts to explain the situation and that's what I wanted".

Germany's Angela Merkel was seen looking on in the picture, although it is unclear whether her reaction to the stunt was positive or negative. That phone call is now at the center of the House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry, in which many congressional Democrats have alleged that Trump abused his power and violated his oath of office.

But in the Democratic presidential primary race, he's endorsing Joe Biden.

"You don't hear that on MSNBC", Biden said. "It's not an issue that they say, well".

"True leaders do not need to be told they are right, they know!"

"The Fake News Media is doing everything possible to belittle my VERY successful trip to London for NATO", Trump tweeted, adding that there was "only deep respect" for the U.S.

Canada, the United States and Mexico are in delicate negotiations over a new continental free-trade deal, hoping to sand down rough edges that are keeping the Democrats, who now control the United States House of Representatives, from allowing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to go to a ratification vote. "I mean, it doesn't mean they can't learn it, doesn't mean they're not smart as hell". It's the second major endorsement that Biden has received from a former member of President Barack Obama's administration, following that of former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack last month.

Meanwhile, Biden said he looks forward to Kerry joining him Friday in Iowa.

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