Biden's 'No Malarkey' Bus Tour In Iowa Mocked | 1040 WHO

Biden's 'No Malarkey' Bus Tour In Iowa Mocked | 1040 WHO

"And I think for any, any caucus campaign... it really does require him to travel as much to the state as possible."But Biden's first bus tour also comes on the heels of a recent Iowa poll that showed him trailing fellow moderate, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and statistically tied with Massachusetts Sen".

Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden launched an eight-day, eight hundred mile blitz through the state of Iowa this weekend.

Jill Biden had been speaking to a crowd and gesturing with her hands when her husband leaned forward and nibbled on the tip of her index finger. In a vice-presidential debate in 2012, in response to Paul Ryan's critique over the administration's handling of the Benghazi attack, Biden said, "With all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey".

The former Vice President has been dropping in the Iowa polls recently.

Buttigieg's campaign declined to comment, but pointed to statements from Buttigieg about "Medicare for all who want it" that he made before Biden announced he was running for president in April.

Behind the optimism, Mr Biden's aides acknowledged that he must sharpen his message and bolster his voter outreach operation ahead of the caucuses that start the Democrats' 2020 voting. But his advisers also insist he has wide support and remains well-positioned to recover any lost ground. Sidestepping his philosophical tussle with progressive Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders over the party's direction, Mr Biden struck a general-election posture.

Tom and Christie Vilsack have both publicly endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race.

Last week he notched a victory, winning the endorsement of a former Iowa governor.

Jill Biden, the candidate's wife, followed suit in Council Bluffs, introducing her husband as the "only candidate who can take on Trump in places like Florida and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and MI".

Other candidates in Iowa this week include in mayor Pete Buttigieg and senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris. The senators have animated the party's left flank, while Buttigieg joins Biden in Democrats' center-left wing but is calling for generational change.

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