Carmelo Anthony Named Western Conference Player Of The Week

Carmelo Anthony Named Western Conference Player Of The Week

As the months passed, Anthony found it harder and harder to train for hours each day when he didn't know if his work would ever pay off. "I remember sitting in New Jersey in high school [talking] about playing for the first time, like, we're - we're here 17 years later still doin' what we do and what we love". "So I'd been fightin" an uphill battle anyway if I didn't go to the right situation".

When Anthony was without a team, calling James for help looked like a possible option.

All in all, that's pretty good for a player who many pundits said was washed. Clippers forward Paul George said he texted Anthony throughout the year and told him to keep his head up and continue fighting.

"I would never do that. Right, and I know for a fact, he would go to bat for me, but I don't feel comfortable putting people in that situation, whether you're my friend or not".

Instead of leaving the game, the 35-year-old Anthony has made a triumphant return, decorated with Western Conference player of the week honors Monday.

Anthony exudes joy every time he steps on the floor with the Blazers. I know what I still can do from a basketball standpoint.

"I think (Lillard) makes it so much easier for me to come in and be a part of this situation and this team and this organization". I just had a year off ...

Anthony couldn't be more grateful.

From his six matches for the Blazers to date, Anthony is averaging 17.7 points and 6.0 rebounds per game. The Blazers are 3-3 since Anthony's arrival, an improvement from their previous position. However proper now, Anthony is capturing 46.2 % from the sphere and becoming properly alongside a gaggle of Blazers that wanted one other scorer to succeed. Does that mean he should prepare to retire while it's still a choice and not a forced exit?

To date, Anthony has been a lot better than most thought he may very well be, and he continued his spectacular run for the Path Blazers on Friday with an environment friendly 23-point efficiency in a 107-103 victory over the Bulls.

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