Democratic debate to go on as planned after labor dispute tentatively resolved

Democratic debate to go on as planned after labor dispute tentatively resolved

Mr. Perez said Tuesday the agreement is an important reminder of what the Democratic Party stands for. The moment also lends them a special relevance to the biggest political story of the day.

Two candidates who didn't make the stage will still make their presence felt for debate watchers with ads reminding viewers they're still in the race. Bernard Sanders of Vermont, billionaire former hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang qualified for the debate.

That leaves no black or Latino candidates among the almost all-white lineup of Democratic frontrunners.

Where can I watch the debate? The DNC rejected the request. Cory Booker and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro - have spent the past few weeks publicly campaigning against the DNC's new requirements, arguing that the new rules are too restrictive and limit potential voices of color on the stage. Kamala Harris, who was unable to build on the momentum from her initial debate outing, suspended her campaign in early December. Eastern on Thursday night.

Only Klobuchar and Warren will be holding down the stage, flanked by five men.

It will also be simulcast live on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Espanol, and live-streamed on and on PBS and Politico online and social media platforms.

Warren and Buttigieg have been firing off broadsides at each other about financial transparency, with Warren hitting on his McKinsey consulting and Buttigieg highlighting her past as a corporate lawyer.

The poll results, released less than two months before the Iowa Caucus, depict the rising tide of Sanders, who has struggled to move past the age factor, especially after the heart surgery. She chopped her stump speech by more than half on the trail to take more questions from voters. Sanders and Yang are both popular with younger voters, a desirable demographic.

Biden adviser Symone Sanders said to expect another robust exchange on health care.

Most candidates just want to finish the debate with clips that cut through on social media, said Levinson: "The debates have really become auditions for viral moments ..."

There is also majority support for forgiving student loan debt for lower-income people, a wealth tax on wealth above $1 million, keeping but making changes to Obamacare, a public option for health care, a ban on semiautomatic assault-style weapons, a national minimum wage of $15 an hour, taxing carbon emissions and offering free tuition at public colleges and universities. The other progressive firebrand onstage, Warren, has settled on a plan to transition to Medicare for All by the end of her first term, while none of the other candidates would go even that far. They have indicated that they will picket outside the PBS NewsHour/POLITICO debate on December 17, and the candidates all refuse to cross the picket line.

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