Explaining THAT Epic Moff Gideon Weapon In ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Finale

Explaining THAT Epic Moff Gideon Weapon In ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Finale

Given that's where a bulk of The Mandalorian takes place, it's possible the bounty hunter will make a journey there in the next season.

Favreau wrote six out of the eight episodes in The Mandalorian's first season. Vinyls and T-shirts, according to the Disney website.

Jon Favreau recently confirmed The Mandalorian will return to Disney+ for a second season in 2020, Variety reports.

Favreau tweeted the anticipated timeline for the sophomore series of "The Mandalorian" on Friday, accompanied by an image of a statuette of a Gamorrean, a type of alien from the Star Wars universe with a distinctly hog-like appearance. The reaction to the ninth Skywalker saga film was mixed, which seems to have given The Mandalorian even more attention, as some fans are pointing to it as one way to do Star Wars right, while the recent movies have missed the mark.

Further details about the upcoming season are scant at best.

Although the Child was punched by the cowardly scout trooper, we're happy to report that he came out of the season finale just fine. That's when you'll get to see Baby Yoda again. Unfortunately, the photograph, which is captioned "Greetings from the set of #TheMandalorian Season 2", doesn't reveal anything except a familiar helmet, but it's a start! He also noted that Carl Weathers, who also stars in the show as Guild leader Greef Carga, will be getting in the director's chair for an episode. Let us know in the comments! We never woulda guessed it. Twitter is going pretty nuts for that, but fans are also loving the R2 (aka Astromech) unit with the arms and legs, as well as the fact that Gideon's got a freakin' Darksaber! While this is purely speculative, this could allow Favreau and crew to give us a look at the origins of both The First Order and The Resistance from Din's point of view.

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