Inc42 Shots | Amazon Launches Portable Echo Input: Price, Features and More

Inc42 Shots | Amazon Launches Portable Echo Input: Price, Features and More

As its unnecessarily long name suggests, the freshly released Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition aims to change that, packing a 4,800mAh rechargeable battery that should be powerful enough to deliver 10 hours of non-stop music playback without hugging a wall.

The Echo Input smart speaker will be available in India at an introductory price of Rs 4,999.

The snappily named Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition (which we'll henceforth referring to as EIPSSE because that's a mouthful) costs ₹5,999 (about £65/$85) and is an Indian exclusive. That number only goes up to 11 hours when the gadget is in standby mode, so Amazon recommends keeping it plugged in (or at least switched off) when you aren't actively using it.

"Customers in India love Alexa, and told us that they want to carry their Echo device from room to room so that they can have an uninterrupted hands-free Alexa experience".

The new battery-powered Echo speaker was designed exclusively for India, but will be coming to other markets in the future, according to Tech Crunch, and will begin shipping from December 18.

And while it's not clear how many Alexa devices are spread across the country, the EIPSSE will address perhaps the biggest pain point with the current Echo lineup - namely the lack of portability. You may not remember this, but Amazon actually unveiled a portable Bluetooth speaker with built-in Alexa assistance before.

After unfavourable reviews, it was discontinued past year.

If you're living in India, you don't need to worry about these third-party accessories. From enjoying songs with a cup of tea at the balcony to reciting bedtime stories to kids in the bedroom, the newly launched Alexa Echo Input will let their users do everything they had always wished from a speaker. It is originally priced at Rs 5,999.

What sets it apart from nearly every other Echo speaker is that it packs a 4,800mAh battery, which allows it to play 10 hours of music without being plugged into the wall. Users can now purchase it at an introductory price of 4,999 Indian rupees ($70) and the device will begin shipping on December 18.

You can also use that hefty battery pack to charge your smartphone from the speaker base too, which makes it handy if you want to take Alexa with you outdoors for a BBQ.

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