Indian filmmaker's 'rape should be legalised' comments cause social media uproar

Indian filmmaker's 'rape should be legalised' comments cause social media uproar

In what he termed "Rape Without Violence Scheme" he suggested that the government should legalise the abominable act.

"If court, government and law give an excuse for rape". He opines that rapists resort to killing their victims because they can't fulfil their sexual desires. Basically the ideas these men have given is - cooperate and offer condoms to prevent murder after rape, women's organizations are the reason for rape. "Rapists wouldn't get thoughts of Murder after (sic) rape", he says. "Better women should accept men's sex".

"Hang the rapists!" shouted some of the hundreds of Maliwal's mainly women supporters who gathered Friday at the site of her strike, the mausoleum of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi.

His comments have been slammed by the official #MeTooIndia Twitter account. What will it take to make women feel safe? "He is a movie Maker goddamn it", another Twitter user wrote. One said: 'What kind of sick mentality does he have? "Disgusting and disturbing. I am exhausted of this misogyny and victim-blaming".

While another said: 'If he is a filmmaker I promise will never watch his films and I can vouch for my family and friend'.

Priyanka was on her way home when she was gang-raped and killed near Hyderabad and her body was dumped and burned 15 miles away.

Her mother said she wants her daughter's murderers to be burned alive.

MP Jaya Bachchan prescribed a powerful punishment for the perpetrators of the crime, saying in Parliament on Monday: 'I do know it sounds harsh, however these sort of folks needs to be introduced out in public and lynched'.

Other MPs from across India's political spectrum condemned the crime during the parliamentary sitting.

Essentially based completely on the police, four men who worked as truck drivers and assistants, approached her and pretended to reduction.

Shravan's comment is coming days after the high profile Hyderabad rape and murder case in which an unnamed 27-year-old veterinarian was raped, strangled and set alight in the southern city of Hyderabad, in Telangana state last week.

'We aren't protected anymore in India.

Police recovered Priyanka's garments, footwear and a bottle close to a toll street on Thursday morning the place she had parked her motorcycle, and her household may exclusively establish her by a locket she was carrying.

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