Peloton Commercial Husband Speaks Out Following Criticism: 'That's Not Who I Am'

Peloton Commercial Husband Speaks Out Following Criticism: 'That's Not Who I Am'

The actor took to his Instagram Friday evening to share a promotional clip for his new distilled spirits line, Aviation Gin, starring the memorable woman from the Peloton commercial, who has now been revealed as actress Monica Ruiz.

They are seen offering her gin in an effort to console her before proposing a toast to "new beginnings". As the camera switches to a shot of the gin bottle, one of the friends says, "You look great by the way!"

"You're safe here", adds the other. The ad, which has attracted more than a million views in two hours, ends with the friend telling her "you look great".

The advertisement comes days after the husband from the infamous Peloton shared that he has no regrets about filming the Christmas-themed ad.

Peloton, a New York-based start-up now worth billions, streams subscription-based workout classes on its luxury bikes and has been panned in the past for marketing its products (which CEO John Foley once called "crazy affordable") in unrealistically picturesque homes. Fans and celebrities alike immediately flooded the comments, applauding the actor for his timely ad.

So far, the social media reactions have been very positive to the commercial.

Sean says he is "grappling with the unfavorable opinions as none of them have been constructively useful".

'I was once simply grateful for the trip'.

In a statement to CNN, Peloton said their original commercial was misunderstood. We watch her get on the bike.

"Our holiday spot was created to celebrate that fitness and wellness journey", the spokesperson continued. It's just a commercial. It starts with a woman becoming overjoyed when seeing her Christmas gift of a stationary bike, and then filming herself throughout the year enjoying her the bike - at one point she's seemingly brought near tears when an instructor says her name.

She then gave him the videos the following year, to show how much she had grown as a person because of the gift.

"In early September, I filmed a commercial for the Peloton exercise bike company". Did the Peloton wife leave her Peloton husband?

Another actor from the highly criticized Pelton commercial is speaking out.

Hunter said he's also been thinking about the actor who played his wife, and how she's handling the backlash.

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