Spotify celebrates your past decade of music with Wrapped 2019

Spotify celebrates your past decade of music with Wrapped 2019

With 2020 steadily approaching, Spotify updated its Spotify Wrapped website which provides subscribers with an all-encompassing snapshot of the music they listened to the most over the a year ago. Listeners can also delve into the My Decade Wrapped experience. Now of course, Apple Music hasn't existed for a decade, so sadly you can't go back that far (Spotify wins this round), but you will also get a Replay playlist for some previous years also (mine goes back as far as 2015). And if you are a music junky, Spotify's list of music, artist and podcast trends of 2019 will be a fun read for you.

Spotify starts collecting your data from January 1st 2019 until October 31st 2019.

As always, you can find your Spotify Wrapped stats on the Spotify website right here. If you let your friends pick songs during your road trip, or used your Spotify account for background music at a party (or many parties), unexpected music might show up on your report.

In 2019, K-Pop also picked up big time in the industry, and the top artists from the Korean Music Industry that Indians heard this year were BTS, BlackPink, and TWICE. These playlists will become available in Apple Music for you to listen to and play on all your Apple Music-enabled devices.

"Wrapped" has become one of Spotify's more anticipated releases among those who use the service regularly, as it allows users to explore their own top songs, top artists, top genres and minutes listened for the year.

The final product, including now both the "2019 Wrapped" and "My Decade Wrapped", can be posted to social media with the provided share card that summarizes your top tracks, artists and listening history.

Don't miss out on the link at the bottom of the ninth slide for your top 2019 songs playlist.

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