United States says it won't accept North Korea-set nuclear deadline

United States says it won't accept North Korea-set nuclear deadline

Reuters reported the draft resolution proposed by China and Russian Federation also called for a ban to be lifted on DPRK citizens working overseas and the termination of a 2017 requirement for all DPRK workers to be repatriated by next week.

The Russia-China text also calls for inter-Korean rail and road cooperation projects to be exempt from existing United Nations sanctions.

"Prior to the vote, the document will be discussed during consultations with all UN Security Council members", he said. A resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Russia or China to pass.

"In the situation of the acute confrontation, the USA and other hostile forces will spend the year-end in peace only when they hold off any words and deeds rattling us.", he added.

Directly addressing "our counterparts in North Korea", he went on: 'It is time for us to do our jobs.

A draft resolution circulated to council members Monday by the two allies of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would also lift a ban on North Koreans working overseas and terminate a decision to repatriate all those earning income abroad by December 22. "Today, I trust that the council will speak with one voice in declaring its unified vision, a vision of genuine and lasting peace for the Korean Peninsula, for the region, and indeed for the world".

But the USA has so far refused and it's also not lifting harsh sanctions against the communist regime. Pyongyang has been subject to United Nations sanctions because of those programmes since 2006.

Biegun said it would be "most unhelpful" if North Korea carries out a major military provocation in the near future.

A senior United States diplomat said today that Washington won't accept a year-end deadline set by North Korea to make concessions in stalled nuclear talks and urged Pyongyang to return to a negotiating table immediately.

The top USA envoy to the negotiations with the DPRK, Stephen Biegun, said in Seoul on Monday that Pyongyang's rumblings were "hostile and negative" - and Trump said he was watching. Kim has visited China four times since March 2018, while Xi became the first Chinese leader to visit North Korea in 14 years. Seoul's Unification Ministry flags a collapse of diplomacy as a very real option: "If there is no progress in North Korea-US negotiations by the year-end deadline, the possibility of North Korea's leader declaring the suspension of the talks in his New Year's address can not be ruled out". Let's get this done.

As the North has said it will give a "Christmas gift" to the U.S. depending on the progress made in denuclearization negotiations, the regime may review the option to launch a satellite into orbit, KIDA said in the report "2020 Defense Environment Prospects and Tasks".

The U.S. rejected the proposal, saying it was premature to ease sanctions while North Korea advances weapons prohibited systems and threatens escalation, according to a state department official who asked not be named.

"That's the whole idea, we don't do this resolution in spite, we really want to facilitate", he added.

Analysts said such tests could help North Korea build more reliable intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) capable of reaching the United States.

It also made millions of dollars from seafood. South Korea's defense minister Jeong Keong-doo said it was an engine test.

The wages of workers sent overseas also provided foreign currency for the Pyongyang government.

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