Violent protests on Citizenship Amendment Act are unfortunate & deeply distressing: PM

Violent protests on Citizenship Amendment Act are unfortunate & deeply distressing: PM

Police in New Delhi used tear gas as they stormed into the Jamia Millia Islamia University Campus on Sunday to disperse protesters demonstrating against new citizenship laws.

Enacted on December 11, the new law has stirred protests across India, but the eastern part of the country, where resentment toward Bangladeshi immigrants has persisted for decades, has been among the worst hit.

"The country is burning, the government has made a mockery of the constitution", said D. Raja, a general secretary of the Communist Party of India.

As slogans continued to be raised against PM Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Congress spokesperson Brijesh Kalappa said, "The BJP government, from Day 1, has been trying to incite us with Article 370, Tripe Talaq, NRC, and now with the Citizenship Act now". "No Indian has anything to worry regarding this act". Thousands of university students flooded the streets of India's capital to protest a new law giving citizenship to non-Muslims who entered India illegally to flee religious persecution in several neighboring countries.

Aligarh Muslim University students also met with the police after their solidarity march stopped.

The prime minister blamed opposition parties for inciting violence against the new measure while Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad criticized the Congress Party for stoking "communal fires".

The police said that vehicles had been set on fire and protesters had been throwing stones. "Like people in Hong Kong are protesting, in Chile they are protesting, and they are not scared", student Bhumika Saraswati told AFP.

Around 35 students were detained by police on Sunday and released early on Monday morning.

Officers then entered the campus, firing tear gas.

Meanwhile, On social media, keyboard warriors continue to fuel these fires by circulating videos of protestor violence/police brutality, without providing truthful context to a lot of them and further muddling the facts and confusing the already indifferent ones. "Police exercised utmost restraint".

"Allegations that the police brutally beat up and sexually harassed students in Jamia Millia Islamia University must be investigated, and those suspected of being responsible must be prosecuted". In the city of Lucknow, hundreds of students faced off with security forces.

The protests followed a night of violent clashes between police and demonstrators at the University. She said she will continue her protests until these laws are rolled back. Many residents there fear new citizens will dilute their local culture and compete with them for jobs. "Also, the statement of the prime ministers that protesters can be identified by their clothes is a very unfortunate one".

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