Ariana Grande Artist NJOMZA Drips In String Bikinis, "Jaw Dropping"

Ariana Grande Artist NJOMZA Drips In String Bikinis,

In the lawsuit filed, Brown was accused of lifting key elements from the original song and using it as the chorus of the "7 Rings" song of Grande.

Stone - who goes through Dot - notes in his costume, the catch of Ariana's song is: "I want it, I have it, I want it, I have it".

Ariana Grande sued for "7 Rings" lyrics by rapper. "I Want It, I Got It".

The suit, filed in NY federal court by attorney Tamir Young, alleges that two forensic musicologists have analyzed the choruses of each song and found the rhythm and notes to be substantially similar as well.

When one follower replied with, "Babe, we just want THEE BEST FOR YOU PERIOD!", Ariana was quick to hit back. I Want It, I Got It" and "I See It, I Like It, I Want It, I Got It", DOT argues it's an nearly identical copy of it his, "You Need It, I Got It.

The lawsuit alleges that forensic musicologists have deemed the tunes "identical or substantially similar". In the costume, Stone says he played the song at a meeting with UMG leaders and producers this summer, including Tommy Brown - also known as TBHits, one of three producers. Stone wants profits from "7 Rings" and an order from a judge prohibiting "7 Rings" from its own existence.

If it were to be stated in a less technical way, the rhythm and note arrangement of both songs - including their lyrics - are identical to each other. Grande has yet to make a statement regarding the lawsuit. Grande is readied to do at the Grammy Awards following week, and also is up for 5 honors, consisting of 2 for "7 Rings".

The lawsuit names Universal Music Corp. combined with a number of different defendants.

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