Body of child found from plane at Paris airport

Body of child found from plane at Paris airport

A child aged around 10 years old has been found dead in the undercarriage of a plane that touched down at a Paris airport after arriving from the Ivory Coast.

Last year, the body of stowaway was found in the garden of a home near Heathrow Airport after falling from an aircraft flying from Kenya's capital Nairobi.

The Air France spokesperson said the airline would likely not be releasing a statement on the age or identity of the stowaway.

The body of a stowaway has been discovered in the landing gear of an Air France plane in Paris, the airline confirmed.

Air France added that it expresses its "deepest sympathy and compassion at this human tragedy".

A French police official told the Associated Press that authorities believe the stowaway was a young African child, which French media outlets have also reported, but the stowaway has not yet been identified. "An investigation is underway". Air France did not immediately return PEOPLE's request for comment. An airline official has said such stowaway attempts are rare and almost impossible to survive.

These include being crushed when landing gear retracts, frostbite, hearing loss, tinnitus and acidosis - the build-up of acid in body fluids which can cause coma or death.

A stowaway fell from a Kenya Airways flight as it was approaching Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom over summer and his body was discovered in a garden in London.

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