Brad Pitt reveals Bradley Cooper helped him get sober

Brad Pitt reveals Bradley Cooper helped him get sober

The 55-year-old "Once Upon A Time".

Pitt then turned to Cooper.

Considering that all three Ocean's films Pitt starred in were both well received and financially successful, that might seem a little harsh from Pitt.

Brad Pitt has credited fellow actor Bradley Cooper with helping him quit drinking and making his life happier.

While a guest on the WTF With Marc Maron podcast, he chatted with the host about some aspects of his personal life and it appears that Brad has reached a point where he can joke about the romantic side of it!

In related news, we'll likely be seeing an extended, four-hour version of Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood sooner than we thought.

Taking the lead, DiCaprio, 45, answered that after he made Titanic and buzz around it began to build, he noticed one day that he was being followed by four black SUVs.

"It doesn't?" asked Pitt.

Brad responded: "I'm a little disgruntled with you".

"When I was starting out, these names that were just listed: Pacino, Pesci, Hanks - my de facto mentor from afar". Because of my disaster of a personal life, probably'.

"Bradley just put his daughter to bed and then rushed over to do this", he said at the award ceremony, according to E! It'd just be awkward.' Brad has previously been linked with Hollywood stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron and Juliette Lewis, and previous year he was spotted on several occasions with Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkat. Brad Pitt's zombie film World War Z shook the Indian audience. However, he decided that it wasn't a good idea due to the fact that the tabloids would make up silly stories about them dating. "Another joke, and it's just dead silent ... this thing is just not translating at all", Brad Pitt said. "The more it happened, the more fun it was for Edward and me".

After clapping and appearing genuinely moved by Pitt expressing his gratitude for DiCaprio, his amusing Titanic joke appeared to prompt her to share a quip of her own with Reese Witherspoon. "The only ones laughing".

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