Coronavirus cases rise in US

Coronavirus cases rise in US

Dozens of people have died from the virus in China, which has issued massive travel bans in hard-hit sections of that country to try to stem spread of the virus. The latter case used to be any person with ties to Arizona Affirm University who did now not dwell in faculty housing, bid successfully being officials talked about.

"Pleasingly that patient was met at the airport and acted on the advice provided to her", chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant told reporters in Sydney.

The previously unknown virus has caused global concern because of its similarity to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) pathogen, which killed hundreds across mainland China and Hong Kong in 2002-2003.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday convened a meeting of the National Security Committee to battle the spread of the virus in Australia and discuss the global response.

Health officials in two California counties have reported over the weekend two new cases of Wuhan coronavirus in the state, bringing the total number of cases in the four.

Three men aged 35, 43, and 53 are also being treated in a Sydney hospital for coronavirus and are listed as stable.

Four adults in Western Australia are also being tested to see if they have contracted coronavirus.

"We're working to make sure there's support for those (100) Australians and we are also working, as are other countries, to secure their ability to return".

Prof Murphy insisted there was no reason to quarantine passengers arriving from China or cancel Chinese New Year celebrations.

But, the minister said, there were limitations because Canberra doesn't have a consular presence on the ground.

"We don't have a definitive number on the number of Australians in Wuhan or in Hubei province because it will include a significant number of dual nationals, some of whom may not have travelled on Australian passports, they've travelled on Chinese passports for example", she told 3AW on Monday.

So far some 385 people have called an emergency helpline for those who may have family members in the impacted region of China, Senator Payne said on Monday.

Guidance from the CDC advises that of us that have had casual contact with the affected person are at "minimal probability" for increasing infection.

Chinese authorities have ordered the extension of a public holiday in an effort to contain an epidemic that has killed 56 people and infected almost 2,000 worldwide, state-run media reported.

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