IPhone 12 Series Specs: Apple Smartphone To Reportedly Feature 6GB RAM

IPhone 12 Series Specs: Apple Smartphone To Reportedly Feature 6GB RAM

San Francisco: A new research note from UBS analysts Timothy Arcuri and Munjal Shah claimed that Apple will be launching four new iPhones this year and at least two of them are expected to come with 6GB RAM while other two models will have just 4GB of RAM. Another concern among some agents is that the push for Apple to create a backdoor that would enable access to private data stored on iPhones could also sour the bureau's relationship with the tech giant, the report also says.

TSMC will be manufacturing the A14 chipset for Apple. TSMC's 5 nm node is apparently 15% more powerful at the same wattage as its 7 nm predecessor, though. That's more than all but the largest high-end desktop and server CPUs and GPUs.

He also posited Apple could shrink the total chip area "to around 85 mm square and around 12.5 billion transistors".

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had also suggested there could be another "iPhone SE 2" model on the way, dubbed the "iPhone SE 2 Plus", but in the first half of 2021.

There is going to be another iPhone series this year 2020 and that's the reality.

The A14 chipset could score of around 1,500-1,600 on single-core performance test and a score of around 4,500-5,000 on the multi-core performance test.

Most Android flagships, for reference, have a score of around 3,000. This is the second claim about the next iPhones coming with 6GB RAM in the same week. Lastly, the higher transistor budget will also lead to certain improvements in the machine learning abilities of the chip.

The report comes after Barr held a press conference on Monday, where he called on Apple and other tech firms to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation gain access to two iPhones used by the shooter, Mohammad Alshamrani.

All said and done, these are educated guesses on what the Apple A14 Bionic will boast about. Go to the Apple TV app on all your Apple devices and a message appears immediately if you qualify for the offer. Expect solid information to trickle when we come closer to the launch, later this year.

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