Prime Minister Scott Morrison responds to 'Scotty from Marketing' dig

Prime Minister Scott Morrison responds to 'Scotty from Marketing' dig

"I know there are some who've tried to make political points and score points in the midst of these disasters, and that's disappointing", he said before Christmas.

The Sunday Telegraph understands backbencher Craig Kelly was recently confronted by senior members of the PM's staff, including Mr Morrison's principal private secretary Yaron Finkelstein, who warned him not to do anymore interviews after he appeared on United Kingdom television claiming there was no link between climate change and Australia's bushfire crisis.

Turnbull, who was outsted as Australia's prime minister in 2018 and replaced by Morrison, told the British broadcaster that "everybody knew we were in a very dry time" before the fire season.

Turnbull today also criticised his former party, saying there are MPs who actively deny climate change for political points and claimed it put Australia in bad stead on the worldwide stage.

"I've been out there on fire grounds and meeting people since September - these fires started in Queensland when I was up there in Canungra meeting those who had been affected", he said in a prickly interview with the ABC earlier this month. He was in power for 3 years prior to being ousted in comparable style.

It was a fevered period in Australian politics, and Mr Turnbull was castigated by a senior minister as being spiteful and indecisive. He likewise ran the gauntlet on the surface for refraining from doing even more while in power. The 2030 target of a 26% reduction on 2005 levels is one of the weakest among G20 nations.

But the University of Oxford grad, and also previous lawyer and also lender informed the BBC he was the target of a fierce political revolt.

On Sunday, NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean said right-leaning cabinet ministers - as well as Liberal moderates - were concerned about the current suite of climate policies.

"That's what the Labor Party is saying and if others want to repeat those slogans, well, they're basically just running a Labor Party campaign", he told 3AW's Neil Mitchell. "Famously one of the coup leaders said to me, "you have to give in to the terrorists".

"He uses the politics of fear when it suits him and essentially Trump is the leading climate denier in the world", Mr Turnbull told the BBC on Wednesday.

There is also a picture with Mr Trump.

Trump also said on Tuesday that he knew nothing of prominent climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

"Trump is trying to put a brake on global action to reduce emissions".

He added: "How many more coral reefs have to be bleached?" How a lot more million hectares of woodland need to be shed?

"How many more lives and homes have to be lost before the climate change deniers acknowledge they are wrong?"

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