Red Sox, Alex Cora part ways amid cheating investigation

Red Sox, Alex Cora part ways amid cheating investigation

"There have been scandals in the past over the century-plus that we've had Major League Baseball in this country".

In a statement on Monday, Luhnow said the sign-stealing initiative "was not planned or directed by baseball management", but instead "was executed by lower-level employees working with the bench coach". But the game is getting cleaner and healthier.

"The goal remains to be competitive always", Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom said this week after Cora was ousted, leaving the Red Sox without a manager with less than a month before spring training.

The decision was sparked from an ongoing investigation into Cora's role in sign-stealing during Boston's 2018 regular season; which coincidentally was the year they won their fourth world series of the millennium.

Cora took over the team in 2018 after Boston went back-to-back years without finding any playoff success. While players weren't punished and the Astros' 2017 championship wasn't revoked, there may still be fallout to come from the entire ordeal. A Major League Baseball investigation concluded that Cora was involved in the Houston Astros sign stealing operation in 2017 while he was the bench coach. Although the investigation has not yet concluded, the Red Sox already chose to mutually part ways with manager Alex Cora.

Although jobless, Cora has two World Series rings. But as The Athletic initially reported in November, "Electronic sign stealing is not a single-team issue".

However, as technology has advanced, concerns have increased about the usage of electronics to determine pitch signals, which is what the Astros did during the 2017 season.

The team is reportedly "wavering" on Beltran, according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

Beltran is now the only name from Manfred's report that still holds a position on a coaching staff. Based upon the investigation, Beltran's denials were lies. During the 2017 season - prior to Cora's time with the organization - the Red Sox were fined by Major League Baseball for using an Apple Watch to relay stolen signs to hitters in games against the New York Yankees. Beltran reportedly played a "key role' in the Astros pulling off one of the most meticulous and clandestine cheating scandals in sports history".

NY maintained its organizational silence on Wednesday as it ponders the fate of its winless and undefeated manager. The commissioner delivered both with his sledgehammer. "I know it's cold, I don't know they are ready for this kind of weather". The NFL fined the Patriots $250,000 and docked them a first-round draft pick, and also fined coach Bill Belichick $500,000.

That's such an excellent troll-job and I'm very proud. The penalties have made it personal for the managers and general managers. That's probably not a good thing for Beltran's job security. And just as they should.

Cheating compromises the integrity of the game. Commissioner Manfred has taken a huge step toward restoring that integrity.

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