Steam might be coming to Chromebooks

Steam might be coming to Chromebooks

"Valve's motive here is largely in being the first major gaming storefront on a platform that, to date, has had no compatibility with mainstream PC or console releases", writes Android Police.

This news was revealed in an interview that Android Police conducted with Chrome OS Product Development Director Kan Liu last week at CES.

Although Liu didn't confirm whether Valve is lending a hand in brining Steam to Chrome OS, there are some inherent advantages for the company. He wouldn't comment on Nvidia GPUs, but did mention that the Vulkan API might help make the platform more accessible.

With Steam on Chromebooks, you could also stream games from a more powerful gaming PC to a Chromebook using the Steam in-home streaming feature, turning a Chromebook into an affordable portable gaming device, regardless of its specs (it just needs a reliable network connection). There have been ways to get it running, but all of them are either fiddly, ineffective, or both. The idea is that, according the Liu, "gaming is the single most popular category of downloads for Play Store content on Chromebooks", and Steam would mean even more games. If Steam comes to Chrome OS, most probably Google will only enable it only on its most powerful Chromebooks.

Anyone can put Steam on Chrome OS now. Add to that the fact that there aren't exactly an overwhelming number of games available on Steam with Linux compatibility. I've reached out to Valve to see if it's ready to spill the beans, so keep an eye out for updates.

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