AJ Hinch: ‘Fair question’ if Astros’ title tainted by scandal

AJ Hinch: ‘Fair question’ if Astros’ title tainted by scandal

"It's a fair question and people are going to have to draw their own conclusion", he said.

Both Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow were fired by the Astros about an hour after Major League Baseball suspended them each for a year. Hinch and Luhnow were then fired.

Stealing signs has always been a part of baseball, and the practice typically involves a team watching the hand signs used by an opposing team, such as those between a catcher and a pitcher.

At one point, a monitor was installed near the Houston dugout so players could watch, figure out the signs and hit a trash can with a bat to signal to their batter what type of pitch was coming, Major League Baseball said. "We made a decision in the Houston investigation that in order for us to get the facts that we needed, somebody had to get immunity".

Hinch addressed a number of key questions from Verducci about the sign-stealing. I think there is a responsibility when you're in a position to end it.

"We got investigated for three months", Hinch said. I hope over time and the demonstration with the talents of this team, the players, the careers that are being had - these are some of the best players in the entire sport, all together on the same team. "I'm absolutely convinced of that fact".

"I wish I would have", Hinch said.

"It's in the best interests of baseball to not have as its legacy that Pete Rose is being treated grossly differently than every other player in its history, with the exception of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and the Chicago Black Sox", said Rose's lawyer Mark Rosenbaum, the director of LA-based Public Counsel Opportunity Under Law who is representing Rose pro bono.

Baseball Legend Pete Rose discusses the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal and whether it's worse than gambling. "The commissioner's office did as thorough of an investigation as anyone could imagine was possible. I know that (Manfred) mentioned the e-mails and the texts and the messages, and I believe him", Hinch said. They have intentionally and dramatically affected the results of plays and games, including the outcomes of two consecutive World Series.

"I should have had a more forceful interaction at the appropriate time, which would have been right when I found out".

"They didn't steal signs back in your day?" "In this one, I feel like I fell short".

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