Facebook acquires VR developer Sanzaru Games

Facebook acquires VR developer Sanzaru Games

On top of this, Sanzaru Games has much experience in the world of virtual reality. The collaboration with PlayStation will continue on the co-development of God of War Collection with Bluepoint Games, but to the chagrin of fans of raccoon Sony never ordered a new episode of Sly Cooper from the Californian studio.

Sanzaru was the first developer to partner with the Oculus Studios team.

Today, I'm pleased to announce that Sanzaru is joining Facebook to help us pursue a future of rich, immersive, and original VR game content.

Oculus Studios' years of collaboration and partnership with Sanzaru Games along with the success of Asgard's Wrath were instrumental in Facebook's acquisition.

Are you disappointed to see the developer snapped up by Facebook?

Asgard's Wrath, unlike Beat Saber and other more casual games, is a full-length RPG that demonstrates what virtual reality can do for the genre. Some of the studios' titles include Ripcoil, VR Sports Challenge that appeared for the launch of Oculus Touch at the end of 2016, the ambitious superhero arena game Marvel Powers United VR (2016) as well as the mega VR-role game Asgard's Wrath.

Is everyone at Sanzaru moving over to Facebook? Facebook has not disclosed the terms of the deal, but the studio is set to continue working out of its USA and Canada offices.

"We're exploring many ways to accelerate VR", a Facebook spokeswoman said in an email. We are thrilled that Sanzaru is joining our team.

Facebook in November a year ago acquired Beat Games, the developer of popular Virtual Reality rhythm game called Beat Saber. We saw Vive come out and show off the new Cosmos, and we can expect more announcements from Oculus in the coming weeks.

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