Here's When Harry and Meghan's Royal Duties Will End

Here's When Harry and Meghan's Royal Duties Will End

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will step back from being working members of the Royal Family and will no longer use their HRH titles.

Prince Harry insisted the talks were to benefit his charities rather than bolster the Sussex Royal brand - a label which the Queen and senior officials have decided is no longer tenable for the couple to keep.

They will return to the United Kingdom for engagements at the end of this month.

Finally confirming a date, the palace announced Wednesday that their new independent lives will officially start in April, with their office in Buckingham Palace closing on March 31, the Evening Standard said.

The couple use the name for their popular Instagram account and a website set up after last month's shock announcement. The Sussexes now use the @SussexRoyal Instagram handle and their official website was launched at after announcing their decision to step down from their senior roles in January.

A royal source pointed out there is "no precedent for this new model of working and eventual financial independence", with details needing to be worked out carefully.

"Harry and Meghan escaped the chaos back home and are genuinely happy".

"This decision to ban Harry and Meghan from using Sussex Royal is the Queen drawing a very clear line in the sand. Right now they're all about getting Archie settled" the source continued.

Kate appears to be hitting a new stride as she takes a more active role in projects and royal engagements, which may or may not have anything to do with Prince Harry and Meghan leaving the royal family.

"As part of the process to transition ... planning has been well under way around the launch of their new non-profit organization". According to reports, the Sussex branding might be a distant memory associated with the couple, as the issue is "still being worked through" among officials within Buckingham Palace.

Harry and Meghan agreed to stop using the titles of His or Her Royal Highness and cut off the state funding they were previously receiving.

The interview made waves over the weekend - it was the first time Kate opened up and shared in an unscripted, candid conversation - and friends told Vanity Fair this is the real Kate: "friendly, self-deprecating and funny".

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