New Seattle NHL team to subsidize public transit for fans

New Seattle NHL team to subsidize public transit for fans

He gives a hypothetical example: A fan coming from the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle might have a 90-minute trip to the arena by vehicle, when accounting for freeway traffic, time navigating the garage, and then walking to the arena's door.

Monorail improvements, long promoted by arena supporters, will include station redesigns for quicker boarding so trains can carry more people between Seattle Center and downtown. News broke Tuesday that Seattle will offer free public transportation to fans so they can attend games at the soon-to-be-built arena.

NHL Seattle did its own math, using ZIP codes from people who have already put deposits down on season tickets to estimate that one in five attendees lives or works close enough to the arena that they will likely use transit to get to games.

Opened in 1962 for the World's Fair in Seattle, the Monorail carries 2 million passengers annually.

"We plan to re-introduce people to the idea that the Monorail is still what it was created to be - high-speed transit". "I couldn't be prouder to align with a company that shares our values and ambitions". New signage would more clearly direct riders where to go.

That vision echoes what his brother Tim Leiweke, CEO of arena redeveloper Oak View Group, has previously said.

Renovations at Westlake are expected to cost $5 million to $6 million, and upgrades at the Seattle Center station will cost $3 million to $4 million, Albro said. Nearby South Lake Union is a booming tech hub that is home to Amazon and large outposts from Google, Facebook, Apple and others. NHL Seattle will become just the third professional sports organization in the United States to offer a free public transit benefit for its fans.

NHL Seattle will fund free transit passes for anyone who buys a ticket to a home game and who doesn't already have a transit pass through their employer, said Rob Johnson, vice president of transportation for NHL Seattle and former a Seattle City Council member. The monorail also has the capacity to transport 25% of the New Arena crowd to Westlake Station in less than 40 minutes.

Westlake Station will also be adding a second elevator, as well as switching the escalators at Westlake Mall to run in the down direction only after events, to better facilitate transfers between the Seattle Monorail and Link light rail below street level. "We are fortunate that our arena is in a wonderful, unique location that encourages us to think differently about how our fans get to and from games". "We are thinking through drone transportation and how we would ultimately have areas where people can literally be dropped off 10 years from now with drones. It's an existing last-mile high-speed connection from downtown to the arena that any number of sports teams would love to have in their cities", says Lance Lopes, NHL Seattle executive vice president and general counsel. The $930-million arena redevelopment project is scheduled to be completed next summer.

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