Only 100,000 People Expected on Trump’s Visit Not 7 Million

Only 100,000 People Expected on Trump’s Visit Not 7 Million

"We're not treated very well by India, but I happen to like Prime Minister [Narendra] Modi a lot", Trump said on Tuesday.

Trade relations have worsened as Trump's "America First" strategy to reduce the USA trade deficit bumps up against Modi's "Make in India" drive as Asia's third-largest economy flags. Both are known to be flamboyant and attention-seeking, and both thrive on whipping up nationalistic fervor even at the expense of alienating minorities and immigrants, with scant regard for institutions.

PM Modi and President Trump will go on a roadshow to the world's largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad's Motera. He said, 'If I just walk, I should also make them (Trump) dance on this song (agaad bomb-bomb lahari).' Let us tell you that Kailash Kher is going to give his performance at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Earlier this month, Lighthizer cancelled a trip to India to work out a package, even as India made some new proposals to improve US dairy and poultry access.

Trump and Modi are set to discuss bilateral ties between the countries in a meeting at the Hyderabad House.

India Today TV is India's leading English News Channel.

It may be a misunderstanding, a translation error or his showman schtick, but Indian officials are tempering Donald Trump's expectations that millions of Indians will line up to welcome him next week - by a matter of zeroes.

Although small fry compared to his trade war with China, Trump in 2018 levelled tariffs on steel and aluminium from India - and elsewhere - and in June stripped India of its preferential trade status. "Namaste" is the traditional Indian greeting phrase. It will be repayment in kind to the "Howdy, Modi!" event the prime minister attended a year ago in Houston, in which Trump also participated.

"We'll have 7 million people between the airport and the event", Trump told reporters at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland earlier this week.

The entire population of the city, according to the 2011 census, amounts to 5.5 million, and is estimated to have grown to about 8.6 million by 2020.

The local government has erected a wall along 1,640 feet of the route in an apparent effort to hide the slums behind it. "This will certainly come up among the leaders", the USA official said.

Washington's moves followed New Delhi's price caps on medical devices, such as coronary stents and knee implants, while declaring new data localization requirements, which India sees as necessary to end "data colonization" by foreign companies but which the US decries as a barrier to bilateral digital trade. For its part, the USA insists that India open its agriculture sector, in particular to dairy products.

Although stating at the Hope for Prisoners Graduation Ceremony in Las Vegas that a "tremendous deal" with India could be in the offing, Trump backtracked immediately after.

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