PS5 price potentially revealed, and it's not pretty

PS5 price potentially revealed, and it's not pretty

The PlayStation 5 will cost around $450 per unit to manufacture, according to inside sources. The cooling would cost Sony several dollars per unit, against less than a dollar for the cooling of previous consoles.

With the PS5 expected to launch before the end of the year, typically pricing is set before the end of February and before mass production starts in late March.

The PlayStation 5's advanced graphics card and processors also allow the device to support 8K graphics, in addition to 3D audio according to prior reports. However, a recent report reveals manufacturing problems might inflate the PlayStation 5's retail price. That puts Sony in an enormous world of pain, considering the PS4's estimated manufacturing cost was $US381, compared to its original launch price of $US399.

Sony is supposedly having a tough time securing reasonable prices on a reliable supply of DRAM and NAND flash memory. Consoles are regularly sold for little profit - and sometimes at a small loss. This prototype in particular was said to have been owned by Olaf Olafsson, "the founder, first president, and first chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc".

Some Sony games staff shared their opinion that the company should sell the PlayStation 5 at a loss if necessary to match the new Xbox.

That would be a hard sell to consumers, considering Sony's most expensive machine now is the US$399.99 PS4 Pro and is often discounted, according to Macquarie Capital analyst Damian Thong. It's worth noting that the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak has had no impact on PlayStation 5's production preparations.

Other details the unnamed source added is that Sony cancelled its plans for a mirrorless camera due to the strained DRAM supply, and that a new PlayStation VR would be launching soon after the PS5 does.

Xbox is calling its next generation the "Series X" and claims it it will be the most powerful console ever released. This should keep the business performance intact with software and network services revenue.

Look closely at the screenshot above and you'll get an idea of what the real, release version of the PlayStation 5 console might actually look like.

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