Representative Ayanna Pressley announces she’s boycotting the State of the Union address

Representative Ayanna Pressley announces she’s boycotting the State of the Union address

She avoided citing the customary "high privilege and distinct honour" that usually accompanies the speaker's introduction of the president to Congress.

The manner in which Trump delivered the address was also questionable, the speaker said, saying that it was tantamount to a "backdrop for a reality show".

Pelosi, after her blatant act of defiance against the impeached president, told reporters outside the Capitol Building that Trump's speech was "a manifesto of mistruths", according to CNN.

We hope reading this post extended your life by 10 years like watching Pelosi rip the speech did ours'.

Following the vote, Trump accused Romney of being a "secret asset" of the Democratic Party and of only "posing" to be a Republican.

The 52-48 vote fell largely along party lines.

97 percent of Republican voters approved of his address while 30 percent of Democrats said they agreed with the president's points.

US President Donald Trump says the Democratic lawmaker leading the impeachment case against him has "not paid the price, yet" for his actions, a statement the lawmaker views as a threat.

Romney and Pelosi are both deeply religious: he a Mormon and she a Catholic. It was book ended by competing snubs: Trump appeared to ignore Pelosi's outstretched hand when he arrived on the podium.

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter Wednesday to insist that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was filled with "hate" when she tore up his father's State of the Union speech, but Republicans got revenge when they "shredded her impeachment" in the Senate.

Democrats sat silently and some could be seen shaking their heads as Mr Trump declared: "The state of our union is stronger than ever before".

Wait, why was Nancy Pelosi ripping paper?

"That was his state of mind". Republicans, who hold a 53-47 majority in the Senate, are considered certain to acquit him.

Pelosi's action led to widespread Republican condemnation that spilled over onto the House floor when Granger introduced the privileged resolution.

In fact, Pelosi has been freer with her thoughts on Trump and the Republicans for awhile. "And I am proud that, following hundreds of millions of dollars in funding that I've directed to the fight against the opioid and substance abuse crisis, Kentucky recently saw our largest decrease in fatal drug overdoses in a decade".

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