The best Pixel 4 feature is coming to Chrome soon

The best Pixel 4 feature is coming to Chrome soon

Now, according to a commit spotted on the Chromium Gerrit, it seems like the Google Chrome team is working to bring the feature to the browser. Live Caption is now only available on select Pixel models, but a similar feature is seemingly in the works for Chrome.

The real-time text captioning feature leverages Google's AI processing might to instantly pick up what's being said in video and audio clips, providing a text translation on screen.

Live Caption has many potential benefits. This commit is for the Speech On-Device API (SODA) service, and it contains all of the necessary components to launch the service, though it still in its early stages of development. The design document for the feature is located at: go/chrome-live-captions. When Google does implement Live Captions into Chrome, virtually any video with clear audio should be able to take advantage of the feature right away.

Comments attached to the code in Chrome mention Live Caption by name as well, and even hint that the functionality in the browser might eventually extend beyond what's possible on Android.

The Pixel 4 might not have been Google's most impressive smartphone offering, but it did introduce a few of the more intriguing features we have seen on a Google smartphone. On the other hand, another comment says this Chrome implementation could go beyond what Live Caption on mobile is capable of, suggesting this service should keep the name SODA since a different name could be useful.

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