The Strokes Debut New Music At Bernie Sanders Rally In New Hampshire

The Strokes Debut New Music At Bernie Sanders Rally In New Hampshire

They also played "The Adults Are Talking" - which got its live debut during a LA show a year ago - and premiered another newie called "Bad Decisions'".

Ahead of their performance at the Get Out The Vote rally, frontman Julian Casablancas opened up about the band supporting Sanders for the USA presidential election.

They also premiered a new animated video for the yet-to-be-released "At the Door", which follows a series of characters in a space dystopia.

Bon Iver performed at a Sanders rally in Clive, Iowa, on January 31, and Vampire Weekend played the following night in Cedar Rapids.

The anticipated announcement of the new album has been long awaited by fans and based on the songs performed, they will not be disappointed.

The New Abnormal was helmed by famed producer Rick Rubin, and it will be the band's first LP since 2013.

The Strokes performed for a crowd of approximately 7,500 at the University of New Hampshire ahead of the state's primary election on Tuesday, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

And then, Julian Casablancas said "Album's coming out April 10th". According to the teaser, it has the title "The New Abnormal".

Watch the band's performance at the Sanders rally on Monday below beginning at the 2:20:00 hour mark.

The Strokes have also released the first single from the record, dropping "At The Door" alongside a film clip.

"We are honored to be associated with such a dedicated, diligent, & trustworthy patriot - and fellow native New Yorker!"

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