Trailer for the ninth 'Fast & Furious' film released

Trailer for the ninth 'Fast & Furious' film released

Even though his supposed death in a fiery auto crash has been shown three times on-screen - in Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious 6, and Furious 7 - the final moments of the trailer show Han walking into the Toretto family's base of operations, casually quipping and eating a snack like it's no big deal that he's back and looking better than ever. So don't expect Dwayne Johnson or Jason Statham to show up.

It's now official that John Cena and Vin Diesel will duke it out in the new "F9" (Fast & Furious 9) movie.

The trailer opens with Dominic and Letty peacefully living on a farm as they raise their son Brian, who they named after the late Paul Walker's character in the franchise, away from all the thrills and action that surrounded their lives in the past.

"It's become a real family and that's the cast but it's also the fans".

Speaking about the emotional moment, director Justin Lin spoke to Entertainment Weekly and said, "It was important because as the Fast family we take a lot of pride in the journey".

A week ago we got a glimpse of the upcoming Fast & Furious 9 with the teaser trailer. This Han is older. Not keeping the fans hanging, the makers revealed in the first trailer itself, that the two are brothers. There are thrilling auto chases and crashes.

Fast & Furious 9, which seems to be called F9 in the States, will drift into Irish cinemas on Friday 22 May.

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