Valentine's Day Banksy artwork appears in Bristol

Valentine's Day Banksy artwork appears in Bristol

Reminiscing of his iconic "Girl With Baloon", this signature street piece by Banksy is perfectly timed with Valentine Day.

Explicit graffiti has been sprayed in huge red letters across the art, which is seen on the side of a house, in the Barton Hill area, Bristol.

The artwork is on the side of a house in Bristol and shows a young girl firing a slingshot of red flowers in the air.

"It is there for everyone to enjoy and it has now been spoiled - one individual is spoiling it for everybody", she told the site.

"There's been a lot of debate if it is a Banksy or not".

"As it's Valentine's Day, it's really special and to have it in 3D with the flowers is incredible", said Kelly Woodruff, whose father owns the home, to BBC.

But yesterday morning he discovered vandals had destroyed the protective screen though, miraculously, the artwork had survived undamaged.

She added: "My slight worry is, we've got this Storm Dennis coming on the weekend, so I really want to try and protect the roses".

"We hope it's Banksy's work". Come and have a look yourself. Whoever painted it, it's worth admiring their creativity'.

The work is expected to bring increased visitors and tourists to the Barton Hill area of Bristol, as people from around the world continue to visit the city where Banksy is from and where so many of his graffiti pieces are on display.

A suspected new mural by artist Banksy is pictured in Marsh Lane in Bristol, Britain February 13, 2020.

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