WHO Urges Calm as China Virus Death Toll Increases

WHO Urges Calm as China Virus Death Toll Increases

China reported thousands new virus cases and more deaths in its update Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020 on a disease outbreak that has caused milder illness in most people, an assessment that promoted guarded optimism from global health authorities.

Taiwan on Sunday confirmed its first coronavirus death - marking the fifth fatality outside of mainland China.

The new case is a 60-year old Chinese woman whose family members earlier contracted the virus, Sukhum Kanchanapimai, the health ministry's permanent secretary said in a news conference.

Dr. David Williams said samples from roughly 20 people are still being submitted to public health for testing each day, but test results are available much quicker.

The driver's mother and nephew-in-law, who joined a family reunion lunch on January 27, were on Monday night announced as the nation's 21st and 22nd confirmed cases.

A detailed classification showed that 80 per cent of the cases were classified mild, 13 per cent as severe and 4.7 per cent as critical cases.

The epidemic, which has seen cases in nearly 30 countries, reached its "first peak" between January 24 and 26, the report said.

Cases seem to have been declining since February 1, but that could change as people return to work and school after the Chinese holidays, the report warns.

One of the goals of the joint mission is to provide suggestions on the prevention and control of the coronavirus outbreak in China and globally. Outside China, the ship has the largest number of cases of Covid-19.

Earlier this month Wuhan ophthalmologist Li Wenliang, who had been punished by authorities for sounding the alarm about the virus, also died.

Fifteen people have recovered and returned home.

Worshippers and Ngawang Kunga Tenzin Gyatso Rinpoche pray during a Buddha Sunning Festival in Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong, China.

The study identified the types of illness that place infected people at more risk.

The latest figures come after health officials in China published the first details on almost 45,000 cases of infection with the coronavirus that originated there, saying more than 80% have been mild and new ones seem to be falling since early this month.

World Health Organization chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has warned, however, that it was too early to tell if the decline would continue.

State broadcaster CCTV reported that the director of Wuhan's Wuchang Hospital, Liu Zhiming, had died of COVID-19 on Tuesday morning, citing a Beijing medical team sent to help out. Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan have each reported one fatality, while France on Saturday announced the first death outside Asia, an elderly Chinese tourist.

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