William & Kate Show Their Sweet Side on South Wales Ice Cream Date

William & Kate Show Their Sweet Side on South Wales Ice Cream Date

Still, Annabel was delighted to meet the real-life Princess-her mother said she gave Kate a huge hug and was "so taken" with the Duchess, according to People.

Mr Alford taught her French and German, while his wife was her netball coach. The royal couple stopped by Joe's Ice Cream in Mumbles for a few scoops. To this, Annabel explained,"I thought you would look like Cinderella".

Studying photos from Prince William and Kate Middleton's visit to South Wales on Tuesday, energy reader Alison Ward claims she can tell that Kate is stressed despite her calm and collected decorum.

Denise and Kevin taught Kate at St Andrew's prep school in Pangbourne, Berkshire.

Kate attended St Andrews, along with younger siblings Pippa Middleton and James Middleton, until she turned 13.

"They didn't leave on good terms by any means", said the source, adding that "they are both relieved that it's over".

Kate visited Mumbles and Port Talbot
Kate visited Mumbles and Port Talbot

Rhian explained to the Duchess that her daughter was looking forward to meeting a princess in the flesh, to which Kate responded: "I'm really sorry I'm not wearing a pretty dress today". Rhian gushed she and her daughter were "incredibly lucky", since Kate "came straight over" to them.

Although the pair had not seen her since she was 14 years old, they said her personality had not changed at all.

The duke presented James Bolter with a medal to mark 20 years of RNLI service before watching the lifeboat launch as a part of training exercise.

They wrote it on the back of a postcard featuring Six Nations fixtures and wrote: "Much love, Denise and Kevin Evans-Allford" along with their address and a kiss. "We really want to thank that security officer". We haven't seen her since then.

We're not surprised Kate knows exactly what to say to children, since she has three of them herself! We wouldn't feel right curtsying or shaking hands. She said that Annabel looked cold and asked how long we'd been waiting.

"After she left us, she got in the auto next to William and said, "They're my former prep school tutors", and he said, "Oh, wow" and made a special effort to wave at us".

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