Biden says he would mobilize the military to address coronavirus

Biden says he would mobilize the military to address coronavirus

"This is bigger than any one of us", Biden said.

When Biden several times said he had not done so, Sanders told viewers to "Go to the YouTube right now" to see what he characterized as video proving his case on Biden's comments. Their prescriptions for addressing the coronavirus outbreak highlighted the contrasting approaches they are pledging to bring to the White House. No one has to pay for whatever drugs are needed, period, because of the crisis. The most important thing, the senator said, was to "shut this president up right now", saying Trump is undermining medical experts trying to guide the public. Bernie Sanders, and coronavirus precautions eliminated both the audience and the traditional handshake between the competitors - and made a small cough from Biden get far more notice than it normally would.

Biden pointed to Italy, which has suffered massive deaths to the coronavirus, overtaking China as the epicenter, according to the World Health Organization.

"You can not be less than frank about the nature of the crisis", Sanders said, adding the crisis showed the need for his signature Medicare for All healthcare proposal, which would replace private health insurance with a government-run system.

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has endorsed former rival Elizabeth Warren's plan to reform consumer bankruptcy laws including allowing relief of student loan debt, incorporating proposals by the party's progressive wing into the moderate frontrunner's campaign.

Sen. Sanders Remains in Race Following An Unsatisfying Mini Tuesday Performance

"We use all of the tools that make sense", Sanders said. Biden said he would authorize government funds to cover treatment. It's the first debate between just the two Democratic presidential contenders and the first since the US dramatically increased its response to the virus. No one has to pay for hospitalization because of the crisis, period.

Biden says every state needs to have at least 10 drive-thru testing locations and that the Defense Department and the Federal Emergency Management Agency need to be making plans to set up additional hospital beds. The field had finally narrowed to two, former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen.

The debate came two days before Tuesday's nominating contests in the big states of Ohio, Illinois, Florida and Arizona, where another string of Biden victories would give him a almost unassailable lead in delegates over Sanders.

The leading Democratic candidates faced off Sunday night in Washington in the 11th debate of the primary season. They greeted each other with an elbow bump.

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