City of Calgary declares state of local emergency over COVID-19

City of Calgary declares state of local emergency over COVID-19

Hinshaw has been delivering daily updates on COVID-19 cases and precautionary measures since the first case was reported in Alberta on March 5.

Post-secondary classes continue to be cancelled. She said she's been staying at home in a spare bedroom with ensuite bathroom, not eating meals with her family, and staying two metres away from others in the household.

With evidence of community spread, Hinshaw, alongside Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange, announced that school classes would be cancelled, though schools will remain open so that teachers can proceed to teach their students by other means.

Kenney said the Provincial Operations Centre was tracking supply chains there was no reason to be anxious about food shortages and advised against hoarding.

"Diploma exams essential for post-secondary acceptance will continue". Every student who is eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate.

Cancelling classes was one of a number of measures the government announced Sunday. Visits to all Alberta provincial correctional facilities and young offender centres are suspended until further notice.

At the time, Nenshi said more aggressive action might be necessary if there wasn't enough success at "flattening the curve" of infections quickly enough.

Last week, the city implemented its municipal emergency plan, which gives the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) more authority to make decisions and move quickly.

Hinshaw heard that her advice to schools in fighting the spread of the virus, including by social distancing, would be extremely hard for front-line workers to carry out, in part because of limited staffing and supplies.

"I know they will have a tremendous impact on Albertans' day-to-day lives, particularly parents, children and seniors".

"We have ... seen other jurisdictions, such as Singapore, be successful in preventing the spread of COVID-19 without having to close schools", Hinshaw said. This brings the total in the province to 56 and marks the highest increase of confirmed cases within 24 hours.

Of the 17 new cases, 14 of those diagnosed are in the Calgary zone and three are in the Edmonton zone. Five individuals are receiving treatment in hospital.

"In this particular case, it was travel-related with [very] little contact". At this time, two of the cases may have been acquired through community-transmission.

Hinshaw said two of the new cases appear to have come from an unknown source and likely involved community transition - meaning they were spread inside the province, not from someone coming to the province from elsewhere.

"We simply do not have the capacity to test all Albertans with a cough", she said.

"If you're overseas, it's time for you to come home".

Dr. Deena Hinshaw has tested negative for COVID-19, one day after she went into self isolation after developing a sore throat.

At this point, any travellers returning to the province from another country will receive information at all airports on what to do and how to self-isolate.

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