Coronavirus wreaks havoc in Spain, another 832 die in single day

Coronavirus wreaks havoc in Spain, another 832 die in single day

Sunday's number is slightly up from Saturday, when 832 people were reported to have died from the virus.

Second only to Italy in fatalities, Spain also saw infections rise to 78,797 from 72,248 the day before.

The continued decrease in the rate of new people getting infected with the illness suggests that strict measures introduced by Spanish authorities on March 14 are curbing the spread of the virus.

Beginning Monday, all the people in Spain are banned from commuting, except for those in essential jobs, such as at grocery stores, pharmacies, or banks.

"We really need a sharper drop (in infections).so that we don't reach this capacity crisis" in the intensive care units.

The army has been deployed to deep clean hospitals and other facilities as well as some 900 nursing homes, where at least 1,517 deaths have reportedly been recorded.

The capital city Madrid and the surrounding region remain the worst-hit, with some 21,500 cases and 2,800 dead.

Spain has been in lockdown for two weeks under a national state of emergency.

Non-essential workers, or those who do not directly support society in its fight against coronavirus, will be ordered to stay home from March 30 to April 9.

The delivery includes 387,000 surgical masks for healthcare personnel, 75,000 masks for the security forces and more than 725,000 for those in the transport sector, from bus drivers to airport staff and those working for the postal service, the government said.

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