Half-Life: Alyx without VR was accidentally left in game by Valve

Half-Life: Alyx without VR was accidentally left in game by Valve

However, if those who play the modified version of Half-Life: Alyx will like it as much as some like the regular VR version, it may be a sign that more needs to be done to make the VR experience more expressive. So it comes as no surprise to see it dominating Metacritic.

The crowbar, the iconic weapon of Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman, is nowhere to be found in Half-Life: Alyx, and Valve designer and programmer Robin Walker revealed why that is the case.

But anyway, you can download this first non-VR mod for Half Life Alyx from here.

The year is only just beginning as we're not even at the end of Q1 2020 and still have some gignatic releases like Cyberpunk 2077 from CD PROJEKT RED later this year - and who can forget Microsoft with its next-gen Xbox Series X and Sony with its PlayStation 5 consoles.

The game is, currently, not playable without a virtual reality headset. Half-Life: Alyx takes place before the events of Half-Life 2 and it is the first Half-Life game released since 2007. "Personally, I'm not (as) concerned about it at all". That makes a lot of sense; it's not really practical for a dev team to wear the headset every time they need to tweak something or test something. Basing on his experience, a curious gamer out there will do the work for the rest of the fan base.

For Walker, the mods are a great way of showcasing the stark difference of playing Half-Life: Alyx in VR compared to modifying it and making it work in a way that it was never meant to be played and although he doesn't encourage it "for the sake of the other members of the team", he knows the mods are coming.

However, the demo is only limited to the most basic of interactions, as noted by Eurogamer. Until then, you can check out Half-Life: Alyx right now on Steam.

Nevertheless, the mod is an excellent way for fans who are itching to play the long-awaited game, especially since it has been far too long since the franchise has gained another title.

Valve wanted to maintain a unique identity for Alyx, and with the crowbar so closely associated with Gordon, the alien-killing weapon was removed from Half-Life: Alyx.

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