Harvey Weinstein tests positive for coronavirus

Harvey Weinstein tests positive for coronavirus

That's according to unnamed sources who spoke to The Niagara Gazette and Deadline.

She says that she has not been notified that her client has tested positive for COVID-19.

Weinstein's convictions were hailed as a victory for #MeToo - the movement against sexual misconduct by powerful men.

Mark David Chapman, who murdered Beatle John Lennon in 1980, served some of his time at Wende, as did Robert Chambers, dubbed the "Preppie killer", who strangled 18-year-old Jennifer Levin in Central Park in NY in 1986.

A source told the New York Post that Weinstein was likely infected while being held at Rikers Island.

The New York trial altogether assessed five criminal counts, including two on predatory sexual assault, one involving Miriam Haley and actress Annabella Sciorra, and the other count pertaining to Sciorra and Jessica Mann. Twice since he was convicted, Weinstein had to be hospitalized at Bellevue Hospital after suffering heart palpitations. The sentencing took place on March 11.

The disgraced Hollywood producer is now serving a 23-year term in prison, after being found guilty of a criminal sexual act and rape in the third degree. "I will spend my time really caring and really trying to be a better person", said Weinstein. However, Powers did speak to the Niagara Gazette about the worst-case scenario - the coronavirus running rampant through the close quarters of America's overcrowded prisons.

The 68-year-old ex producer was allegedly undergoing medical evaluations at the maximum security facility in the New York State town of Alden.

It is unclear if Weinstein himself contracted the disease at the East River complex or when he was in hospital in Manhattan over the past few weeks.

Within hours of Weinstein's sentencing, prosecutors in Los Angeles announced they were beginning the extradition process to send him there for an arraignment on charges he raped a woman and sexually assaulted another in 2013.

The disgraced ex-movie mogul has since been placed in medical isolation inside the jail.

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